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Patient with Healthcare Nurse


  • What's the Fastest Way to Book an Appointment?
    It’s easy! Click ‘Book Now’ to make your appointment.
  • How Can I Book My Family or Group?
    Family bookings are easy to do via our website. Look for a time online with availability for all members of your family. Please start with booking an appointment for yourself. Do not book any additional appointments using your own name. After booking your own appointment, click ‘My Account’. Scroll down and on the left and click ‘Family Members’. Click ‘Add Family Member’. Add all of your family members at this time. Then click ‘Book an Appointment’. Follow the standard process to book a date and time. You will be asked after a few steps who the appointment is for. Please remember to book a Child Appointment for children 14 years and under.
  • What Languages Are Spoken at Your Clinic?
    Our experienced team is from all over the World! Members of our clinic can speak English , Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. While our staff can assist with questions and some translation, we ask that you bring a friend to communicate with the doctor if needed. If this is not possible, please let us know. If you would like to book with a particular doctor or on a day when with a specific language spoken by our team, please email our clinic at We are happy to assist as best as we can.
  • What If I Need to Cancel My Appointment?
    We kindly ask that you cancel your appointment online if you are unable to make it. We have reserved the time with the doctor just for you and it is important that we know if you cannot make the time scheduled. Please log into your account to cancel your appointment. Otherwise, please call or email as soon as you can. We appreciate you taking the time to do this!
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